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We are the team that turned our admiration for the kitchen and table into a brand many years ago.


Eating is a special experience for us. And this special experience starts with choosing the right ingredients. It continues to cook and present fresh ingredients with health and pleasure. The most enjoyable part of cooking is seeing people meeting around the same table with their loved ones. The table, meals and drinks eaten together are the complements of happiness.


At Nilly's Cafe, we focus on completing the happiness of our guests in every meal we prepare. Meeting all our guests we have hosted with delicious meals means completing this happiness for us.


Our team, which specializes in Mediterranean cuisine, still offers special dishes to all guests today.


You can always visit us for a satisfying meal, a few glasses of drink, a quick snack or specialty coffees. Every meal here is a celebration. Let's celebrate together! We would be very happy to be with you. 

See you soon.

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